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Apple Fans Might Get Two Cheaper Smartphones This Year

Clients looking for a less expensive option in contrast to Apple’s flagship iPhone 11 may soon have different alternatives. As indicated by another report from DigiTimes, Apple is planning to release not one, yet two, versions of its revamped, budget-friendly, iPhone SE. 

iphone low price

Both of the new gadgets aptly named the iPhone SE 2, will supposedly come outfitted with an LCD displayed instead of Apple’s more costly OLED display – a distinction that will probably bring down the price significantly. 

DigiTimes doesn’t elaborate on how the models will differ, however as per Appleinsider, they will probably have different screen sizes. A bigger version will accompany a 6.1-inch display while a smaller variant will span 5.5-inches. Soon we can get iphone low price in 2020.

DigiTimes’ report depends on packaging orders got by a Taiwan based organization for two iPhone SE 2 models, however, the presence of those varying models presently can’t seem to be corroborated by anyone else. 

As per an earlier report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has regularly accurately forecast Apple’s yet-to-be-released gadgets, the smartphone will hit the market in March 2020 subsequent to going into manufacture in January. 

A launch date suggests a few different details as forecasted by Kuo, including a price tag that makes the smartphone a full $300 not as much as Apple’s recently released premium gadget, the iPhone 11. 

Kuo says the following series Apple’s iPhone SE will cost $399 and come in three colors variants and two storage options – a 64 GB variant and a 128 GB variant. 

Colors are expected to be space gray, silver, and product red, as indicated by 9to5Mac. The iPhone SE 2 might be similar to the iPhone 8, however, it will accompany Apple’s latest processor, the A13 Bionic – the same chip included in both new iPhone 11’s – in spite of having 1GB less RAM than Apple’s superior models. 

Apple’s additionally plans to release another, costly series of smartphones, reportedly called the iPhone 12 in September this year. 

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