Great Tips for Keeping Clothes Fresh Between Wears for Long- With Images

We need our clothes to last more. A few people purchase products of their loved garment for when the day comes that the piece is just not good enough. Washing clothes repeatedly makes the color light, the fibers weaken, and it even has negative environmental effects. So how might we keep our clothes clean and new without washing after each wear? Here are some helpful tips to get you through between washes. 

Hang them up after wearing them. 

This may appear to be senseless, yet really who doesn’t want to simply hurl their clothes back in a heap, on the floor? Basically, hang them up and set them away. This will help with that smell clothes get from being worn. 

Wear an undershirt. 

Adding a layer under your clothes helps in retaining the moisture for the duration of the day. Sweat not getting on your shirt = cleaner shirt. 

Splash on some vodka. 

Is there anything liquor can’t fix? Truly… When your clothes need a bit of freshening up, however, don’t directly wash with vodka. Empty some into a bottle and spray on your clothes. Done! Simple. There is no need to dilute it. The liquor vanishes rapidly without leaving a smell and it sanitizes. Cheap vodka works very well so don’t bother wasting your expensive drink on your clothes. 

Mix water in with the vinegar and essential oils. 

Vinegar is magic in a bottle.  Its sanitizing and refreshing properties make it a very simple handy solution to freshen up your clothes. Also, it is very cheap!!! You just need 1 teaspoon for every 2 cups of water since it is so powerful. Include a couple of drops of your preferred essential oils or else you may end up with a salt and vinegar layer. 

Spot treat. 

If you have a tiny little spot on your outfit that doesn’t need a wash, spot treat! Tide sticks are an absolute necessity. Make sure to treat when you find the stain. If it’s a fresh stain, don’t rub it! Sometimes little water is all you need. If that the spot is big, try a little fluid dish cleanser with water. Try to wash all the cleanser out and afterward hang to dry. 

Try Dryel. 

Dryel is a great choice for cleaning. The pack comes with a bag and a cleaning solution that has a spray and damp cleaning sheet that gets the steam moving in the dryer. Everything you do is spray any spots, toss the cloth with the sheet and then put the bag in the dryer. After the garments have cycled for around 20–30 minutes on medium, you are good to go. 

These tips are cheap, simple, and effective. If you don’t want to use any of these tips or follow something else, whatever you do… DO NOT BATHE YOURSELF IN PERFUMES. It will cover the smell, however, if the smell is overpowering and off-putting. It’s an obvious thing that you need to toss them in a washing machine and wash them.

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