How You Can Turn Lights On with Alexa

Conveying smart home technology is one of them all the more appealing promises of voice control frameworks like Alexa. It’s enticing (and perhaps unavoidable) to tumble down a hole of multifaceted nature when you’re setting up a smart home on the grounds that there are such a significant number of alternatives and potential outcomes. In case you’re simply beginning, it may be a smart thought to keep it basic for your initial step into making a smart home. For instance, we should start by introducing a solitary light that you can ask Alexa to turn on and off. 

There are numerous brands of smart lights, and subsequently, arrangement systems may contrast from brand to mark. we picked a Philips Hue bulb since they’re effectively accessible, fast to set up, and all-around upheld. 

Beginning SETUP 

The initial step is to screw in your light, and the primary thing to check is whether the light is on a dimmer. Numerous bulbs will chip away at dimmers, yet more established dimmers can’t deal with the present necessities of LED lights. You can stress over this as you get further into smart home arrangements; for the time being, dodge dimmers. 

Open the Alexa application on your smartphone, turn on the light, and hold up a couple of moments. 

Tap the “Gadgets” tab at the lower right corner of your screen. 

At the highest point of the Devices screen, there are a few options. The first says “Echo & Alexa,” and the last one says “All Devices.” If you’re fortunate, you’ll additionally observe an option for “Lights” between them. Tap it, since it implies that Alexa’s introduced your light-independent from anyone else. You would now be able to avoid down to the area of this article titled “Final setup” 


In case you’re not so fortunate, you have a little procedure to do. 

Tap the, in addition, to sign at the upper right of the Devices screen, at that point tap “Add Device” on the menu that pops up. There are buttons for some well-known gadget brands and conventions along the top. 

If yours isn’t among them, tap “Light,” and afterward tap on the brand of light you’re attempting to introduce. It is possible that you’ll need to download another application and experience an establishment procedure now; stick to those directions intently. 

If then again, your bulb is among the mainstream marks along with the highest point of the “Add Device” arrangement screen. 

Tap the proper symbol to get to the arrangement screen. More up to date Hue bulbs, from the second 50% of 2019 ahead, are Bluetooth empowered and have the Bluetooth logo on the bulb and the box. If that you have a more seasoned Hue bulb, you may need to introduce the equipment connect that most likely accompanied the bulb. Stick to the directions in the Alexa application, which will include downloading a Hue application on your smartphone and introducing a Hue aptitude on the Alexa. That is, except if If that you have an Echo Plus, Echo Show, or Echo Studio — all things considered, you shouldn’t have any issues. These models accompany worked in Zigbee hubs that can associate with Hue and different bulbs legitimately. 

If that you have a new Bluetooth bulb, ensure your Echo’s product is current by asking, “Alexa, is your software up to date?” If not, request that it update itself. 

When you’re certain your product is up to date, turn your Hue light off and afterward on once more. At that point press the “Discover Devices” button at the bottom of the screen. 

The bulb may flash. The application should show a screen that demonstrates it’s associating with the bulb by means of Bluetooth. If the procedure comes up short, simply attempt it once more. 

At the point when it at long last works, you’ll see a screen that reveals to you that light’s been found. Tap the “Set Up Device” button, and you’ll be informed that the light is set up and prepared to utilize. Tap “Done.” 

Final Setup

Presently, when you tap on that “Lights” button, you’ll see a rundown of every smart bulb you’ve set up to work with Alexa. Tap on the name of the light, and you’ll get a screen that gives you a chance to modify the brightness utilizing a slider. At the upper right corner, there’s a rigging symbol that opens a screen offering data about the bulb and gives you a chance to rename the gadget. 

To turn the bulb on and, you can just say, “Alexa, turn <device name> on,” or “Alexa, turn <device name> off.” You can likewise dim it: “Alexa, dim <device name> to 50 percent.”

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