Samsung Invisible keyboard.

Samsung Revealed an Invisible AI-Powered Keyboard [Watch Video]

While cell phones are the favored choice for everyone, yet it is difficult to beat the charm of using a typewriter to compose long emails and messages. Thinking of it as isn’t constantly commonsense to heft around a major inconvenient keyboard, Samsung has thought of a brilliant Selfie Type that plans to give the client the best of both worlds. 

Samsung has recently concocted a smart Selfie Type that consolidates the smartphone’s front camera with Artificial Intelligence to follow the movement of the fingers as the user types over an invisible device that could even be an end table. As per The Verge site, the Selfie Type is still in its development stage and was exhibited as a showing at the CES 2020, Las Vegas. All things considered, it is as yet an interesting idea that left Samsung’s own one of a kind Skunkworks, the C-Lab program. 

As Verge revealed the Selfie Type could end up being a favorable gadget if it fills in as easily as appeared in its promotion video. Invisible keyboards do as of now exist that use laser projected keys; however, they are regularly moderate, incorrect and the projection units are very bulky. 

Front camera finger tracking seems like a multifaceted technical feat to accomplish and may require the user to keep their hands cautiously at one spot to work appropriately. Numerous gadgets have attempted to supplant the humble keyboards without any achievement, it is anticipated that perhaps through AI, advancements like the Selfie Type could be made usable and advantageous sooner. 

It’s called Selfie Type, and despite the fact that it’s just a demo right now, it’s a great one. It’s been created under the aegis of Samsung’s C-Lab program, a kind of in-house incubator for strange tech ideas, some of which inevitably become business products. 

We don’t have the idea what plans Samsung has for Selfie Type, however in the event that it fills in as easily as this promotion recommends, it could be an amazing asset. Samsung is demoing Selfie Type as CES in Las Vegas this week. 

The confirmation will be in the composing, however. “Invisible keyboard” as of now exists using laser projection, however, they’re an oddity as opposed to a real instrument. They will be slow and inaccurate, and in case you’re taking around a little block of a laser projector, you should go the entire hog and swap that for a good Bluetooth keyboard. 

Since Selfie Type works using your smartphone’s camera, it’ll help with the issue of carrying around accessories. Yet, using machine vision to follow the individual movement of your fingers sounds smart, and you’ll apparently need to keep your hands in a single spot for everything to work accurately — a tough ask without the physical feedback from a keyboard. 

However, it’s an answer we’ve not seen previously, and one we’re interested to see. Throughout the years, engineers have tried to replace the tried-and-tested keyboard with numerous odd structures. Maybe, with the assistance of AI, we can, at last, solve this issue.

Video Source: Samsung

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