Would I be able to Bring Thanksgiving Leftovers on the Airplane?

Got additional Thanksgiving food that you need to take with you on your flight home? Fine, but ensure you know the rules, or you risk showing your favorite festival food get tossed out by a TSA official. 

Solid Foods

Luckily, most solid foods are permitted on the plane with you, regardless of whether a loved pie or truly only a lot of snack rolls. Solid foods (TLDR, not fluids or gels) can be moved in either your carry-on or checked in, yet despite everything, they must be x-rayed, and TSA officials have the last say on whether you can take them on your flight.

Cooked meat and fish are permitted in your carry-on bag, so you could, If you truly needed to, travel with an entire roasted turkey — as long as it fits in the overhead bin. 


Travelers must stick to the 3-1-1 guideline if they will acquire fluids their carry on luggage. That implies the fluids have to each be 3.4 oz or less per compartment and fit in a solitary 1-quart zip plastic. So except if you’re happy with just bringing a travel size lotion bottle of gravy home to jazz your leftovers, you’ll most likely need to place that in a checked bag.

Boozy drinks can likewise fly with you in your checked bag. But, they need to contain under 70% liquor, so leave the Moonshine. 

What Constitutes as a Liquid? 

Fluids are whatever can flow openly and has the consistency of water or oil. Gels are marginally thicker — so any jams, spread, or honey need to hold fast to the 3-1-1 standard. 

Solid foods are permitted in carry-on and handbags, however, if you are additionally carrying ice packs to keep them solid, they should be totally solid when going through security. Ice packs or gel packs that are incompletely liquefied won’t make it past the scanners. 

Canned foods may require extra screening in your carryovers, so if you totally need to bring a jar of cream of mushroom soup onto the trip for your green bean casserole, ensure it’s in a checked bag. 

Happy Eating!


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